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Who are our customers?

The Pay per Head offered services to bookmakers and their customers. BettorsNet.com solution offers players the best payouts, the broadest sports offerings and guaranteed access to their accounts, their history and future events all over the world at any time by means of the latest technology and the maximum security measures.

At BettorsNet.com both agents and players will have access to first-rate betting software which makes the betting experience an incredible one. Why wait any longer? Start your FREE Trial today!

What does BettorsNet.com provides?

When it comes to pay per head, there are many options and benefits that bookmakers will have to consider at BettorsNet.com. Some of those are:

  • live in-game action,
  • wide selection at horse betting,
  • latest in technology and security
  • 24/7/365 mobile access to players and agents
  • daily poker tournaments
  • virtual casino games ( 3 set-in-advance casino profiles)
  • 80+ sports betting leagues
  • Virtual wagering all year round
  • Online and phone support

All these are wide open to our bookmakers and their customers at any time. We are the offshore per head solution you need but with many more benefits that you can imagine and this is due to our technology advantages, business privacy and highly trained staff.

Why Us?

Pay per Head services is the solution to your business growth, stability, and confidentiality .We are the best Pay per head solution in the world. The extent of our benefits is not only perceived by bookmakers and their betting shops, but also by our customers. Some of the most important doles are the excellent customer support, numerous technology advantages, wide-ranging sporting offering and maximum security that ensures a faultless day-a-day, no difficulties or delays. BettorsNet.com Pay per Head offshore online solution offers all these to those bookmakers looking to improve their current service and obtain more clients.

Moreover, our Pay per head packages offer many benefits for the players to bet comfortably from their homes or mobile devices and for bookmakers to keep track in real-time of all betting activities in secure environments. We will customize for you depending on your needs and expectations in order to give your players the best experience and generate the most profit for you.

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Where is BettorsNet.com at?

BettorsNet.com has led the industry based on trust, know-how and stability. We are located in San José, Costa Rica and we have been around on the Pay Per Head industry for more than 15 years. During our experience, our Pay per Head company served by the most sophisticated, secure, and have the best on hand technology to ensure all sports agents, regardless of their package volume, that their customers will be provided with excellent and fast service effortlessly.

However, as pay per head and consumer behavior evolves, we as a pay per head solution always keep an eye on the trends, capitalize on the best benefits for our clients, and prepare for the advances the future will bring to our industry.

Managing your business has never been easier and our Pay per Head services is the offshore solution to help you shift your business to the next level. Get started today!

When to start?

Sports betting are a very interesting and ever-growing industry that attracts many enthusiasts all over the world. These sports fans have changed in many ways the scheme of gambling is directed and that is where a Per Head solution like ours can assist bookmakers by providing a reliable and professional online service.

At BettorsNet.com, we make sure our bookmakers have all the tools required to be successful in acquiring new clients and re-activating old accounts by implementing new and better services that are attractive to sports bettors.

We at BettorsNet.com have the largest selection of worldwide sports as well as the best gaming experts, who produce sharp lines that our bookmakers can monitor and handle directly from any mobile device and if require, we will provide the best risk player management advice. Your business demands the best Pay per Head solution, and we provide it!


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