Live Betting

The offering of services in most of the Pay per Head companies and gambling industry has a variety of features, but not all of the companies including sports books are able to give you what they promise.® Price per Head has the quality of service that you are looking for in a very secure environment that will make your players feel confident and comfortable with the features of the services that they offer.

You can have great a experience at® Price per Head, as the benefits that they offer are the best ones in the sports betting market. One of those is the sports live betting feature that is very attractive for most of the players; the major part of gamblers are always looking for this service since not all of the companies in the industry will offer it under their packages. We will give you the advantage of enjoying this feature online or over the phone with the highest quality standards on both.® Price per Head has a great team experts working for agents and players 24 hours a day 7 days a week to give the best service. Live betting is a feature that has to be watched closely and we have the best team taking care of this service that will keep your players entertained all day long.

Football season is around the corner and you should think about the services for pay per head in game betting that every company offers and that will make your business grow. The features need to be profitable and live betting in a well-managed way can be very profitable for you and your business, as our line managers and stage team will always provide the best lines based on their experience; not all of the Pay per Head companies offer a stage team as they do.® Price per Head tries to offer the most modern technological features on their services and mobile betting access is one of those; this feature will allow live betting to you and your players from anywhere you are using a smart phone or tablet or from their computer at home. This feature is also very attractive as it will make betting easier for your players; they will not have to wait for somebody over the phone if they have the availability of doing it from their phone or any other mobile device.

The security standards of the mobile access service and live betting are also of high quality; as a great demanded innovation in the sports betting industry it gives a total protection of a 128-bit encryption. Their IT department is also available 24/7 and watching that everything is being taken care of to prevent any failure on the system.® Price per Head is also interested in creating long lasting relationships, providing the best service is important but to be a very stable company gives you the security that your business is well taken care of. The company was established in 1997 and since then they have been delivering service through excellence. Located in the beautiful Costa Rica which is considered the betting hub of the Americas, they run a call center with highly and fully trained sports betting clerks that will make the live betting experience the best.® Price per Head understand the needs of agents and players, and we are proud to say that we are being competitive as we keep on growing and innovating to become the best option in the per head industry in these days. Be part of a industry leading online bookie software and profit from it!


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