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The following are some per head betting terms to complement your existing gambling dictionary.

  • Action: Placing any kind of wager on a sporting event.
  • Betting line: The point spreads associated with each individual sporting contest.
  • Bookmaker: A betting professional who sets the betting lines and accepts action from gamblers.
  • Closing line: The last betting line posted before a sporting event begins.
  • Covering the spread: When a sports team wins a contest with the help of the betting line.
  • Favorite: The team that is determined to have an edge over another team in a sporting contest.
  • Futures & Propositions: different types of future bets
  • Handicapper: A betting professional who examines the conditions surrounding a sporting contests and then determines the favorite and the underdog.
  • Hedge: Attempting to lower the risk of loss with a bet by placing a second bet.
  • High roller: A gambler that likes to place large bets whenever he executes betting action.
  • House: The organization or person who accepts betting action, covers bets won by customers and takes in the money from lost bets.
  • Injury report: The report issued by a sports team or league that indicates which players are injured and how long they will be out of action.
  • Inside information: Data that could influence the outcome of a sporting event that is obtained directly from team representatives that is not widely reported to the public.
  • Juice: The money that a bettor owes to the house when he loses a bet.
  • Lay: The actual act of placing a bet.
  • Line: A comprehensive list of sporting events and their associated betting lines.
  • Layoff account: Agents can layoff or scalp bets they don’t want or can’t handle
  • Lock: A sporting event that is predicted to have a lopsided outcome.
  • Moving the line: Changes made to the betting line to accommodate the action that is being taken.
  • Odds: The amount of money that a bettor can win for each dollar that is bet.
  • Off the boards: The point where an odds maker will no longer accept action on a sporting event.
  • Opening line: The very first betting line that the bookmaker introduces for action.
  • Over/under the total: A bet based on the combined score of both teams in a sporting event.
  • Pari-mutuel: A proportional betting system where the payment to winners is determined by the amount of money collected in a betting pool.
  • Parlay: A set of two or more sporting events grouped together in the same betting list.
  • Point spread: The margin of victory that a bookmaker predicts a team will win a particular sporting event by.
  • Power rating: A number assigned to a team that is based on its success throughout the season and its relative chance of winning a championship.
  • Press: The process of increasing a wager.
  • Pay per head: Software that bookmakers can use to provide comprehensive services online to bettors.
  • Pricemaker: A bookmaker that sets the odds for a sporting event.
  • Push: A wager that winds up being a tie when the point spread is taken into consideration.
  • Sportsbook: A business that determines betting lines and takes betting action.
  • Tout Sheets: control sheets for the Agents´use in order to view what the informed players are seeing

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