BettorsNet vs. competition

In the sports betting industry you will have many options to choose from, but not all of them will give you the best services and the lowest price.® Price per head is a clear example that we provide the best services at the lowest price and with the highest quality, we guarantee that your players are going to be more than satisfied with our services

From an agent perspective we did an analysis and a comparison between® Price per head and 5 other different competitors and the differences are very remarkable in quality of services, sports betting variety and technological strengths. We have discovered that we offer more than the competition, and those services should be attractive for agents and players that are looking to get the best service possible.

Starting with lowest prices,® Price per head starts at $5 per player per week with the possibility of upgrading to the unlimited package, RPPH starts at $12, PPHS starts at $10, EVODP starts at $10, PLPPH starts at $15 only with internet service and $20 with phone service and HPH has no price listed, all of them almost at the same range with no possibilities of upgrading the service.® Price per head offers a call center assistance located in Costa Rica, and the players are able to wager 24/7 365 via a top quality fiber optic equipment, none of the other companies offer the service PLPPH, PPHS and RPPH have their call center located in Costa Rica as well, which is considered the online gaming hub of the world.

Live in betting is a great feature that most players and agents look for;® Price per head offers it along with 3 of the other 5 companies, which will add up a great value. Live betting is well known to be requested most of the time by agents this is a great service and if the company offers it, it becomes attractive for agents.® Price per head also offers claim personnel for quick dispute reviews, and this is really exclusive since none of the other companies offer this service.

Mobile betting is also a great feature that® Price per head along with EVODP and RPPH offer at no extra cost, the other companies will not offer it at all or an extra cost.

With this and many other services® Price per head is still the company that offer more or the same kind of service at a lower cost, please contact us now for more details.


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