Bookie tips: Player marketing 101 – All about horse racing

Many Price per Head companies offer their services at the moment but none of them will offer the best betting experience;® Price per Head is always thinking in different ways to keep your players happy and entertained for the long periods of time. Challenges to keep players happy are always a big concern, but our services will make them want to stay.

Besides offering a lot variety of sports like NFL, MLB, NBA among others and Casino betting,® Price per Head also offers Horse Racing betting. Horse wagering is very attractive to many players in the Sports Betting industry, as a fact a lot of them only wager on horses and we offer it in a very attractive way; we have specially horse racing trained clerks that will be very knowledgeable on anything your player may need.

We also offer the possibility to customize the horse racing profiles for each of your players; you can set up limits and select the type of wagers that they will be able to bet in.® Price per Head offers a great variety and types of bets for horse racing betting; from win, place and show that will be the equivalent of the horses that get in first, second and third place, you have the option to mix them in exactas or trifectas. Horse racing betting will not be complicated with our great team of experts that can provide you advice on how to optimize your incomes with the different payouts that horse betting will provide.

We offer straight wagers on just to win which means that the selected horse will have to come in first place; to place means that the selected horse needs to come either in first or second place to win the bet and for show that means that the selected horse needs to come first, second or third place in order to win the bet

On exactas, they can choose on two horses that will come in for win and place, first or second, in exact order or they can do an exacta box, which will cost more, but will not matter the order the horses come in, if those 2 horses come first or second they will win the bet.

Trifectas is almost the same as exactas, is just that they will have the option of selecting 3 horses for the 3 places, win, place and show. They can also box this wager for an extra amount of money; boxes will always cost more, but will have more chances to win the bet.

The Quiniela works like this, you pick two horses that finish first and second, in either order, in any single race. If the horses get in either order, first or second or vice versa, you win the bet.

Horse betting for sure is a great option to maintain your players entertained and busy. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information in no time! Want to have professional Bookie Software with 7 Day FREE trial, and as little as $10 per head afterwards? Start your bookie business today, contact us and learn more.


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