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At® Price per Head services we offer a professional and reliable solution for your sports betting players. Our many benefits guarantee your business success and profit increase within days.

Additionally,® managers and gambling experts will provide other per head services like the personalized set up of a scalp account to keep better control and track of your bankroll, daily and weekly profits. Also, this account can help our agents to manage better sports betting lines and wagers.

Our customer support staff will make sure to provide all the information our agents require to fully understand what is the best use and benefits of these per head scalp and layoff accounts in your daily betting activities.

Here are some advantages of having a layoff/scalp account:

  • online management of your sports betting business
  • easy reach of potential clients
  • full access to lay off action
  • extensive monitoring of lines action to decide where “the smart money s
  • risk-free online environments
  • smooth tracking of players’ activities
  • customizable account depending on your needs® Price per Head is the leading per head solution in the gambling industry. Our offices are located in Costa Rica and we make sure to provide the best tools to our agents so their day a day becomes easy and fast, 100% hassle free.

Our offshore per head solution offers the best players packages at the right price. Feel free to get in touch with us today to get your agent account set up within minutes.


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