Make Money as a Bookie – The Purpose!

If you are a bookmaker wanting to grow your business is very important that you ask yourself if you are doing the necessary effort to give the best to your players and have real earnings. Today, thanks to the Pay Per Head industry (online bookmaking and technology); bookies have a much easier way to handle their business and increase profits. However it’s important to analyze which Pay per Head could meet the needs of the bookie and make a huge impact on its business.

The Pay per Head model allow the bookie to offer their players an offshore sports book online, given them an easy way to bet anonymously. Also is a comfortable way to bet and enjoy the unlimited services that online technology can offer, this way your new clients portal will increase.

Moreover, another advantage of having a PPH service is that a bookie no longer has to answer client’s phone calls, move lines, track plays or spend a lot of time searching for new clients, or grading one by one bets. Most of PPH gave bookmakers a software system that will provide with all of these services, as well as many other features such as horsing betting, live-in-action betting, casino games, and much more for just a small fee per week.

This means that that a PPH provides a bookie more advantages and services for their clients than a local call center, while saving money and not investing a huge amount. As well a bookie can compete in the industry for less money against many local sports books throughout the world, which possibly spends millions and millions of dollars.

Again, the bookmaker’s players have access daily to all the bookie services and the way of measuring their reactions is constant. By this, bookies can increase awareness of their client’s needs and can take advantage of their competition online as well as the local call centers around the globe.

However, there is one more aspect that any Pay per Head will work on bookie’s advantage instead of by itself. Most old fashion bookies think that the way of making money in the industry is by beating their players, yet that’s not the way. The key to increase profits as a bookmaker is finding new clients 24/7/365. With this approach the numbers will take care of themselves. In other words, the strategic is to get more and more people playing. That is the beauty of the PPH software and agency relationship. Any bookie will gain more with a Pay per head company than alone, that is for sure!


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