Stop losing clients when the main sports seasons are off

As a bookie, are you feeling the impact of the low season by seeing your players leave after it is off? Do you see the business’ ups and downs and don’t know how to keep your players with you all year round?

We, at® have the right price per head solution for your business. Working with us will allow you not only to keep your existent players, but also to recruit new ones thanks to the advantages that we can provide to you.

Bookmakers and agents will have the possibility to offer a user friendly bookie software that will allow them to keep track of all the transactions going on. This bookie software gives you – the agent- daily, weekly, monthly and individual reports; together with winning and losses reports and many other tools that help keeping the business organized. Our software also allows the bookie to keep a close eye on the players that might be considered wise guys and to limit some of their action if necessary.

Our price per head solution allows the bookmakers to offer – under an 800 number and a personalized website-, the most extensive selection of sporting events available in the price per head market. Besides, we have created virtual casino games and daily poker tournaments; which will keep your players busy and entertained off season. This immediately translates into a regular income for the bookie and a sense of loyalty from the players’ part. Players feel taken care of by their bookies and also have the advantage of accessing the website to place a bet from almost everywhere in the world.

Our group of specialists works constantly to improve the levels of security and to keep the information protected; whether players access our bookie software virtually or from a regular or a mobile phone. Our customer service agents are multilingual and available 24/7. Our technical support department, as well, works non-stop to help you solve all technical issues that might come up right on the spot.


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