Floyd Mayweather Jr., seen above fighting Marcos Maidana, has decided to unretire for a massive payday to fight Ultimate Fighting Champion Conor McGregor. Mayweather Jr. is one of the greatest fighters to ever live.

As soon as the boxing match was announced, money poured into Vegas sportsbooks. Online bookie agents have a great opportunity to take part in the action.

Opening Odds for Mayweather vs McGregor

Mayweather                -2250

McGregor                    +950

Opening odds had Mayweather a huge favorite at -2250. Why not? Mayweather Jr. is undefeated. He’s beaten the best of his generation. He made an excellent fighter like Manny Pacquiao look silly in 2015.

What are the odds now?

Mayweather                -550

McGregor                    +375

What the odds above imply is that all action is going to Conor McGregor. Nobody is placing any bets on Floyd. They might now, at -550, but before, every betting dollar went to Conor.

Nobody is Betting on Floyd

Unlike most sports events, the favorite is garnering almost zero action in sportsbooks. For odds to change from -2250 down the -550, a ton of dollars must be wagered on the other side. The other side in this case is Conor McGregor.

The difference in odds is still too great for most casual players or pro players to bet on Floyd. $550 is a lot of money to invest to gain $100. If the fight was a stock, it makes sense. Stocks aren’t one-time deals. Boxing matches are.

It’s entirely up to you, the per head agent. But, I’d seriously consider allowing as much money on Conor McGregor flow into my sportsbook as possbile. Yes, there’s a chance that not using the layoff account, or scalping, can lead to profit lost.

But, in this case, there’s no reason to attempt to even out the action. Put a max betting limit on Floyd Mayweather at $550, knowing that $100 in profit on Floyd per bet is your max loss. Then, allow as much money as possible to go onto Conor.

McGregor has never fought in a boxing match. He’s never fought without the use of his strong hands to grapple his opponent, his lengthy legs to kick his opponent, and his underrated wrestling skills. McGregor should have no chance in this fight.

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