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The services offered by many of the Pay per Head companies in the industry grows every day, that is why it’s important that agents shop around and compare between the different services and benefits they will get if the acquire the service; starting with the different packages offered it’s important to see how complete they are and if the benefits are for real.® Price per head offers the best and most complete packages in the per head industry with many online services and features that will make you be sure that making business with us will only bring benefits for your business and will make it grow faster than what you can expect.

If you compare our online services and features with any other company you will realize that we have the best and the most complete variety of services in the industry. Our packages start as low as $5 per player per week and will include certain features on all of them at no extra cost; we can do a small comparison between certain companies and then you can decide.® Price per head will start at $5 per player per week, making them the only company to start as low as that; Per head starts at $8, Price per Head starts at $15, The Standard at $12, IDSca at $18 and PPH 4 less at $15.

Online access 24/7 365 days it’s included in the basic package at no extra cost, meanwhile Per Head, Price per Head, The Standard and PPH 4 less will offer that service upon a schedule.

Our mobile betting platform that will allow you online access from anywhere at any time is also included at no extra cost in our basic packages and it is a feature that not all of the companies offer, for example Price Per head, The Standard, IDSca and PPH 4 less will not offer this feature at all in their packages, the only one that offers it is Per Head.® Price per head offers the biggest online Casino offering at no extra cost while none of the other companies offer it at no extra cost, they do have an online Casino offering but the cost on this feature is more.

With these 3 simple comparisons you are able to see that® Price per head has the best online offering in the industry at the lowest cost; contact us now for more information on our packages and features.


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