Confidentiality with BN pay per head services

Nowadays confidentiality is a very important thing in the betting industry; when you open and account and with a pay per head company it is very important to find out about their privacy policy, how their system runs through the privacy levels, what firewalls they use to prevent important information to be pull out from the data center.® Pay per head offers the best service in the per head industry with high quality standards towards security that we have been improving since we started running our business. We know that confidentiality is a key for our agents and that what it’s shared with us, meaning bets, limits, profiles will stay between the company and the agent and that nothing will be shared or jacked by any other companies.

To avoid that we have implemented the highest security standards in our firewall by state-of-the-art protection via DDoS which is one of the most modern security standards in the market, besides that we have a very complete team of experts in our IT department that will make everything run the best way.

When agents open an account with® Pay per head they share some information with us when they fill out an application or register in our sight. As a pay per head confidentiality way we use this information only to improve and to respond to your needs and your players. We also do it to improve our customer service experience so we can become a trusted betting advisor for you.

We use many ways to maintain your information safe; we do use cookies to compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interaction so that we can offer better site experiences and tools in the future. Our price per head confidence includes that we don’t share or sell any information to third party companies since they do not share the same privacy and confidentiality policy that we have.

Also this online privacy and confidentiality policy applies only for the information provided online, and not for the information collected offline. Also bets and credit limit as well as balances are completely confidential for us, it is very important for us at® Price per head that our agents and players feel safe with the information they share with us, but we can assure you that this information is completely safe and that our confidentiality and safety of this information is the highest priority for us.


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