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Nowadays, one of the most common concerns sports betting agents have is to be able to find a professional risk management specialist that can deliver a professional, competitive and reliable per head service especially when it comes to handle their betting players´daily betting activities, sports lines and top players services.

At® Pay per Head offshore services we offer an experienced and professional risk management option while guaranteeing a detailed work and efficient analysis behind the fine art of handling sports betting lines.® Pay per Head offer is the best in the per head industry, our customized per head package options are very flexible and we will accomodate our agents´players package volume. Your betting players are provided with the most professional online and telephone customer support 24/7/365, available on major sports and events.

Our per Head service works and delivers real results,® Pay per Head offers a great deal of possibilities to guarantee the growth of your online betting business while gaining top knowledge on how to best manage your business.

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