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Sports betting is a very interesting and ever-growing industry that attracts many enthusiasts. These sports fans have changed in many ways the method gambling is conducted and that is where a Per Head solution can assist bookmakers by providing a reliable and professional online service.

At® Pay per Head services we make sure our bookmakers have all the tools required to be successful in acquiring new clients and re-activating old accounts by implementing new and better services that are attractive to sports bettors.

One of these tools is to provide on the most extensive sporting offering in the industry 80+ leagues on all major sporting events 24/7/365. In addition to this® Pay per Head offers the largest selection of Futures & Propositions in the world, which are comparable to what a large offshore sportsbook can offer.

We at® Pay per Head services have the largest selection of worldwide sports for example: NFL, NCAA football, MLS and European leagues, NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA college basketball, Golf, Tennis, MMA, and NASCAR just to mention a few.® Pay per Head gaming experts produce sharp lines that our bookmakers can monitor and handle directly from any mobile device and if require, we will provide the best risk player management advice.

We are the offshore per head solution you need but with many more benefits that you can imagine and this is due to our technology advantages, business confidentiality and highly trained staff. Get set up in minutes, just give us a call today and you will be ready to start making lots of money right away.® Price per Head also offers a Sportsbook Software to provide our bookies their players figure apps, live in-game betting, pre-set parlay and teaser profiles, pending transaction details, agents´ reporting, risk management services and the most extensive game offering and online casino games.


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