® the right Price Per Head solution to grow your business

Working with us at® will give you hundreds of possibilities for growing your business on the fast track. If you want to present an innovative and resourceful price per head solution to your players team up with us and surpass your competitors.

One of the greatest features that we offer is our user friendly bookie software that has been working and improved since we first entered the market in 1997. Our bookie software gives agents the ability to run reports daily, weekly and monthly to keep track of all the activity and to keep an eye on the wise players the entire time. This software allows you to limit or open the betting options to your players depending on their performance. It also gives you a way to organize and control the package of players that you have under your master agent account for a better organization of your price per head business.

At®, agents have the ability to set their players under three different packages, starting as low as $5 per head, per week. The advantages are unlimited and cover the following general features:

  • Online wagering 24/7 all year round
  • 70+ racetracks
  • Multilingual phone and virtual support
  • Free poker tournaments and casino games
  • Latest in technology
  • Highest security measures in the industry

The tools vary depending on the package that the bookie chooses and some of our first-class and unique services are offered in the UNLIMITED package with features such as: live in-game action, a support team that specializes in horses, set-in-advance casino profiles, as well as 12 different pre-set profiles for horse wagering.

Our bookie software, all the other advantages that we offer and the guarantee that your players can have access to your personalized website from anywhere via online or using their mobile phone are our presentation card.

Stop managing your business the old fashion way and grow it by partnering up with us! Join us now and take advantage of the multiple tools that our bookie software will provide you and your players.® Price per Head also offers a Sportsbook Software to provide our bookies their players figure apps, live in-game betting, pre-set parlay and teaser profiles, pending transaction details, agents´ reporting, risk management services and the most extensive game offering and online casino games.


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