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Do you feel that taking calls all day and all night from your players is wearing you out, that keeping track of all the action and pending transactions has become an almost impossible task, and that the competition is beating your offerings? If you answer yes to one of these questions, it is definitely time to rethink about the direction of your business and work towards its transformation.

We can help you get the ball rolling quickly and hassle-free if you decide to set up an account with our price per head solutions. The services that we offer at® are beyond compare and will attract existent and potential clients straight away. These are some of the features that you will be providing your players once you join our price per head services.

Bookmakers and players will have access to a personalized website day and night. It does not make a difference if it is during the week or weekends, during the season and off season; they will never have a concern about experiencing technical problems or downtime during the most important sporting events while working with us.

Players will be able to bet on football, hockey, basketball and baseball and this is possible by means of our live betting feature. This is only offered by the most knowledgeable and pioneering price per head companies in the industry.

We also offer a wide range of horse events with approximately 70 racetracks to bet on and a wide selection of Vegas-style casino games. In addition, on a daily basis, we have poker tournaments going on to keep your players busy during the low season.

To complement our customer services, we provide access over the phone or online – 24/7 all year round – from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. In order to keep up with technological demands, we have developed a mobile platform to cater our bookmakers’ needs and keep their players connected from almost anywhere in the world. This is another® extra bonus that together with the live betting element will make you stand out from the rest of the price per head services out there.

Furthermore, another of our main obligations when you join our services is to keep you protected at all times. We are relentlessly working on the development of tools that will guarantee world-class levels of security beyond compare.

The combination of excellent services, high technology standards and outstanding security measures gives us a reputation of know-how, leadership and trust all in one single place: our Costa Rican ground-breaking call center solution. This modern and top-notch infrastructure brings the best conditions to support thousands of price per head agents and their groups of clients all year round; together with our employees’ full time commitment.

We invite you to learn more about the benefits that you can get when partnering up with our price per head services. We guarantee total satisfaction, specialized tools to track all the action and a team of experts who will assist you and your players when needed. Stop thinking about it and go with the original and trustworthy price per head solution


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