BettorsNet Horse and Casino Wagering

In the sports betting industry is very important for sports books and pay per head companies to offer a great variety of features and sports variety to agents and players; this is not always offered to them and at the end they will find another company that will offer what they are looking for.® Price per Head offers that and more; with a great variety of sports and tournaments, we offer horse racing betting, casino and poker which are very attractive features in the gambling industry.

Our horse racing betting department is the best in the market, with highly knowledgeable and trained clerks, we offer the best service possible. We offer every tournament and race of the season plus more than 70 tracks that will keep your players entertained. We offer a variety of wagers that you and your players will be able to choose from.

The horse racing betting service will be offered by our call center located in the beautiful Costa Rica, by our highly trained horse racing clerks that will be available for you and your players 24/7. We also offer 12 set-in-advance profiles that you will be able to choose from depending on the kind of player and what they like to bet on.

As another attractive feature we also offer our Casino betting, which is one of the best in the sports betting industry. We offer a great variety of games at no extra cost since the Casino will be included on your package and will be available for your players as well.

Casino is a very attractive feature as many players look for it; this will be the perfect feature to maintain your players entertained and betting all day long if they want to. This service is also a 24/7 service and you will be able as with horse racing, to customize your players profiles to maximize your profits on every wager they place.

Horse racing along with Casino betting, are both available through our mobile betting access. This feature is also very important since your players will be able to play all day long if they want to from any mobile device they have, meaning cell phones, tablets or laptops with only accessing our system remotely.

These two features are not even half of what we are able to offer to our agents and players at® Price per Head and its benefits, please contact us and we will gladly give you more information including our 7 day free trial.


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