® Pay Per Head
Levels up your Online Business

It is well known that setting up your online bookmaking business is not an easy task. There is a lot of work and supervision involved  as well as many details to take care of and as a bookmaking agent you need to continue providing a quality sports betting service to your players regardless of your daily responsibilities. 

The dynamic and competitive sports betting industry continues to offer new gambling features and technology advances to its users. Many bookmakers dream of developing their own websites and networking to be able to offer better services to their sports players.

A very clear example of what a per head service should offer is hosting services and at® Pay per Head this is a guarantee you can count on. Our tech support teams of professionals work around the clock to provide a very robust and safe virtual environment that will keep away from download, accessibility, data loss and security breach issues.

Some of the services offered by® Pay per Head services that will make the difference between the sports shop you own right now and the one you will have within hours are:

  • 800 phone lines available for all sport events
  • Customized websites
  • 80+ sports leagues
  • Top security levels
  • Sharpest lines in the online market
  • Mobile betting platforms
  • Multilingual ongoing technical support
  • Top players services
  • Layoff & Scalp accounts

By becoming a® Pay per Head agent you will be additing a plus to the growth of your online betting shop. Find out more more details on how to get your per head account set up within minutes and make® Pay per Head services your number one per head choice.


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