Custom Feature: Messaging Center – Agents to PPH Shop® Price per Head is managed by a group of gaming experts that provide the best per head service in the betting industry. Our agents have a solid guarantee that their business is in the hands of professionals who make sure their players receive all possible benefits and prompt customer and technical support.

One major advantage our bookmakers obtain when they join® services is the ability to keep connected at all times with us with our powerful Messaging Center tools. Our agents are provided with the capability to chat live with us which is 100% confidential, secure and encrypted. And, of course, you can always call and email us 24-7.® Price per Head has spent a lot of financial resources to be able to provide only leading technologies; for example our agents are able to monitor and access their accounts at any time of the day from any mobile device from anywhere in the world. These features have simplify the day-a-day duties that need to be done when you manage your own betting shop.

As part of our services, we at® develop a very strong business relationship with our agents and provide support on different areas like: players risk management, multi-purpose technology tools, scalp account, and many more to consolidate more advantages and attract more players.® Price per Head services takes your business to the next level while ensuring high quality support. This is one of the reasons we are the number one choice in offshore contact and messaging centers.


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