Mobile betting feature: A great Pay per Head Benefit

Technology is a key these days and companies in the sports betting industry are trying to find attractive features so they can attract more agents and players;® Price per head will not be the exception. Our Mobile betting platform is a great feature that attracts a lot of players and it doesn’t have an extra cost.

This great feature will facilitate your job, as an agent, you will be able to enter into the system with any mobile device to make any changes that you may need to; reporting feature will also be available from our mobile betting in case you need to. Daily figures or any other report that you need will be available for you to pull it up.

Your players will experience many benefits with this new feature,® Price per head have invested to have the best quality standards. Our high security systems are the best in the industry; we want our agents and players to feel confident and secure with our systems and features meaning that they know that our confidentiality is a number one priority.

This feature also has a full gaming functionality; you can access and view any type of line or odd from your mobile device and be able to wager on every tournament that we are currently offering, remember that we offer 80+ leagues and all major sports in the US. They can also access all of the schedules of all different games and tournaments in no time and if they want to place a bet they can do it right on the spot.

This feature also covers Casino and Poker, which are available 24/7 for our agents and players through mobile device access.

We offer a robust system connectivity meaning that you will be able to access our system from anywhere, any country 24/7 365 days a year at a great speed. You will never feel restricted again to and specific place to take care of your business, you will now be able to do it from wherever you want to.

Our goal at® Price per head is to give you the best service in the market and to become your trusted service advisor. To make your business grow is our main interest, contact us know for more information!


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