Pay Per Head Mobile Betting

Bookmakers, agents and entrepreneurs in general who are interested in starting their own pay per head shop must consider all the available options online; and then compare the variety of features and benefits offered before deciding to partner up with a specific company.

We, at® have introduced to the sports betting market our signature since our inception in 1997; and since then, many innovations have been launched to this industry; which have let us stand out from the competition.

The selection of benefits given by us at® will become the main core of your new pay per head business. Agents and bookmakers will have the capacity to offer their players the latest in technology and security measures thanks to the constant improvements done in these specific areas. When it comes to the most up-to-date in technological advances, we are the number one per head solution. Our Costa Rican call center is served by the most redundant continental fiber-optic network in the globe; that is, at the same time, backed up by an interlaced technology center located in Kahnawake tribal land.

We are continuously proud of our day-to-day efforts to provide bookmakers and players total guarantee that with® they will have mobile betting access 24/7 all year round from almost everywhere in the world.

Our mobile betting platform gives access to all sports, horse betting, and casino and poker events available. Our team of technical specialists gives mobile players protection by means of 128-bit encryption. We realize that your business demands it and we provide it.

Another aspect of our promise to take care of your players is the warranty of 24/7/365 wagering; with® downtime is never a problem. So, your players know that they will have ways to bet over the phone or online, at all times, on more than 80 sports leagues and 70+ racetracks that can be taken advantage of in 12 different set-in-advance profiles. What is more, with us, they will have a specialized team that monitors the action non-stop to assure the sharpest existing lines in this aggressive market. In addition, we have leading poker and virtual casino offerings so that agents can keep their players entertained and full of activities between the main sporting events.

We are aware of the multiple benefits that we can offer you to thrill your players; and we also give you total guarantee that once you start working with us you will see the following benefits:

  • a great improvement in the organization of your pay per head business
  • more control over your players, and
  • a significant increment in your winnings with no season limitations

There are many pay per head business online, but none of them have the recognition, the know-how and the solid foundation that® has the original per head solution.® the price per head service provider by excellence.


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