Mobile Betting Platform for Your Players

How much extra money could you make every week if your clients had the option to bet at all times, no matter where they were? The short answer is a lot more dollars! But, you may ask, aren´t your customers betting all they want already? Well, you may be surprised, but they probably aren´t.

The sad fact is that these days some of your players cannot bet 24/7. Let´s take the office as a typical example: The firewalls and corporate limitations to access certain websites don´t allow many of your clients to bet while they´re at the office or when they´re using a laptop from their jobs. The situation at home, unfortunately, is no different. As you know very well, many people prefer to keep their betting habits private and don´t want their relatives to see them accessing your website. How about betting at a public place, using the WIFI? Not many people feel comfortable doing transactions in public places where their betting accounts could be hacked. But how about having the option to bet using a cell phone at the same time that you´re protected by a robust 128-bit encryption? Does your average client have a smartphone?

Chances are that more than 90% of your players already own a smartphone and that percentage just keeps growing every year. Your players need to have access to an easy-to-use and fast-to-load mobile interface to place their bets. The® Mobile Platform will give your customers the flexibility and convenience they need to be with privacy and security. Not only that: Your clients will be able to bet on all the same sports and to have all the same betting options as if they were playing from a desktop or a laptop.

The options your players will find at the® Mobile Platform will give them the convenience they can´t get at home or at the office. Want to bet on the game right at the stadium as the game unfolds? Check! Place a last minute bet on the 3rd quarter of the basketball game while waiting for dinner? Check! Bet on live games with a group of friends while having a beer at the sports bar? Check!

Your players deserve convenience and with® you will have the option to provide countless opportunities for your customers to bet more money and to bet more often with you. Do yourself a favor and give your players this option that will allow them to give you more money. Give a try to the® Mobile Platform.


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