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Mobile technology is one of the most extensively used technologies nowadays and it is one of the driving forces of global commerce. It encompasses all possible forms of movable gadgets such as laptops, palms, tablets, mobile phones, smart phones, global positioning systems or GPS and finally wireless card payment terminals.

Its main benefit is that users will never again feel restricted to a specific place to take care of their business since now essentially all type of transactions can be taken care of while on the move. The use of mobile technology also allows customers to communicate in a faster manner, check the availability of a good or service in real time and have working flexibility 24/7 from almost everywhere.

Speed, in general, is another benefit presented by mobile technology. In the past, documents needed to be mailed or phone calls needed to be made to pass important information or to take care of any kind of transactions. The same happened when attempting to talk to other people around the globe. Now in seconds and from wherever you are, you can reach people through a mobile phone with a regular call, video call or chatting via the internet. Mobile technology keeps you up-to-date by bringing real time information; which at the same time enables users to make informed and prompt decisions right on the spot.

Mobile technology has also made a great difference in the sports betting industry since its inception in the pay per head business. The blossoming of this technology has enabled players to have access to all data in this specific market by using their mobile phone or smart phone. Now they can easily browse the internet and access their pay per head betting account to place a bet, check the availability of their favorite sporting events and look for pending transactions or games in their account history.

Agents or bookmakers, on the other hand, have the ability of checking and fixing online the issues and problems that come up even if they are on the road; so it means that they can efficiently respond to the needs of their players at the moment that they are going on.

Mobile betting has changed the way bookmakers do business. This innovation leads to new ways of handling their business and new services can now be offered to players such as non-stop access to all sports, horses, poker events and virtual casino games. The positive side of providing mobile betting is that everyday experts learn new ways in which mobile technology can be used and this means an increment in productivity and therefore; an increase in profitability as well.

Mobile technology, nevertheless, can also be considered a new path into the marketing and advertising areas of the pay per head business. It is a resourceful tool since players can now see sports betting advertisements on their mobile devices thru a selection of marketing technologies; for instance, SMS text messaging, mobile websites, banner ads, QR codes and more. All these tools are usually personalized to reach a specific audience, players in this case, who in the majority of the cases always have a mobile device handy, so the message gets effectively to them; which is the agent’s main purpose.

However, as the pay per head business moves towards more advanced mobile technology, the security standards must be adjusted or even increased to protect data and to have room for the growing use of smart phones, laptops and tablets in this industry. The greatest security advantage of these mobile gadgets is the fact that they are not designed to store a lot of information; thus, this means that if a device gets stolen or lost an unauthorized user will not have immediate access to the data and then is when the use of a PIN number and password come in handy because they function as a strong security measure.

In the last years, agents and bookmakers who have worked with BettorsNet.com® as their pay per head solution have learned to adjust to mobile technology; which can be a challenge for their players in some cases, but as they become more comfortable with this technology and come to understand that BettorsNet.com® has the newest and most sophisticated technologies that guarantee mobile players to be protected by a 128-bit encryption they feel secured and totally satisfied with this innovative feature.


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