® Price Per Head Mobile Access is the Best Feature for Sports Betting Agents® Price per Head services, the per head industry pioneer is located offshore in San José, Costa Rica and we offer a great number of benefits which guarantees the best customer support performance and high levels of security and confidentiality to all our agents and their players activities.

Our customer service and betting workforce is also available in case our agents and their players require first-hand help to solve any type of issues with their betting account. We handle every detail of our agents´ and players´profiles with absolute confidentiality ensuring 100% transparency and legitimacy.

In addition,® Price per Head online solution offers a very strong mobile platform so our bookies and their customers can have full access to their betting accounts at all times. The mobile betting feature is a new plus to our per head service which strengthens our sporting offering and top player services.® online agents now have complete access to their reports on daily and weekly betting action, account reconciliations, sporting events calendar, scores, news, other agents´figures and more. All this information just a click away using any mobile device like: a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc and at any time of the day.

Feel free to contact® Price Per Head today for more information on how to open your per head agent account within minutes. Our personnel is ready to take your request via email, chat, or telephone.


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