Price per Head history – old school bookie vs. today’s tech bookie

The history of gambling in the United States dates back to the mid and then late 1800’s mostly known in the form of lottery. A few decades later in the 1920’s a new gambling wave took place and it became fully legal in the state of Nevada in 1931; the first American betting outlet in the country.

During the 70’s the old-fashion form of gambling evolved once more as several casinos became legal in Indian reservations and two other states. In the years to come with the rise of the internet and new technology the gambling industry continued its evolution into a new era of telecommunications and billions of dollars.

A very interesting fact about the gambling industry is its growth from $1 billion in profits in 1997 to an overwhelming $10.9 billion in 2006. This staggering upturn has certainly affected the way gamblers bet, their preferences and their reach.

All gambling services have changed and this includes the way all betting shops or bookie services were known more than seven decades ago.

In the early days, bookies used underground places to keep their business going, blackboards to keep scores, scouts to get inside information on games, etc., but that is a thing of the past. Today’s online bookmakers are business entrepreneurs and they have access to endless technological devices and other services provided by third parties or a per head solution.

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