The 2017-2018 NBA Season starts on Tuesday, Oct. 17. Most online bookie agents have received plenty of action on NBA Futures. I still want to go over the current NBA Championship future odds. After that, I want to discuss some of the most bet upon teams in the NBA from a layoff account point of view.

2017-2018 NBA Futures

Golden State Warriors                         -160

Cleveland Cavaliers                +350

Boston Celtics                         +800

Oklahoma City Thunder         +1200

San Antonio Spurs                  +1200

Houston Rockets                     +1600

The Warriors offer -160 odds to anyone who believes a second straight NBA Championship is a slam dunk. The Warriors’ odds make managing NBA Championship futures betting difficult. The reason is because the odds imply the Warriors should win a second straight championship.

Many casual and pro bettors might not care about taking odds greater than -160. But, if the Warriors are to win the NBA Championship, shouldn’t per head agents set max betting limits to cut potential losses? This is the conundrum for agents when it comes to NBA Championship futures betting.

If agents set max betting limits on the Golden State Warriors, there’s a chance some of their clients might go to an online sportsbook without max betting limits. How should agents then handle this situation?

Agents should set max betting limits. But, set max betting limits with a catch. First, set a comfortable max betting limit on all teams outside of the Golden State Warriors. The comfortable max betting limit could be something like $200.

Next, set the same max betting limit on the Golden State Warriors to win the 2018 NBA Championship. Let’s say it’s $200. Here’s where the catch comes in. Set the max betting limit at $200, but also raise the odds on the Warriors to win the NBA Championship.

Instead of Golden State at -160, offer Golden State at -150. Heck, you could even offer Golden State at -130. Once you receive the amount of betting dollars on Golden State that you’re comfortable accepting, take the Warriors off the board.

By setting a max betting limit, you can control the potential payout on a Golden State championship win. By raising the odds, you make wagering on Golden State in your online sportsbook more attractive.

Should Per Head Agents Use Their Layoff Accounts on These NBA Teams?

Golden State Warriors –  In road games, possibly. Not always when GS plays at home. The Warriors aren’t a very good home cover team because they’re such a great overall team.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Pay per head agents should use the layoff account until they get an idea of how well the Cavs are covering.

Boston Celtics – Boston might be over bet early in the season. If that’s the case, it might be worth taking a risk and not using your layoff account.

Oklahoma City Thunder – The Thunder’s odds to win the NBA Championship dropped from 20 to 1 to 12 to 1 days after they acquired Carmelo Anthony. The Thunder might be the ATS cover star this season. Using the layoff account could be necessary.

San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs should have a tough time covering every spread. Be judicious on when you use the layoff account, though.

Houston Rockets – The Rockets signed a future hall of fame point guard in Chris Paul. CP3 should love running Mike D’Antoni’s system. It should take a month or two before Vegas adjusts to the Rockets, meaning that Houston, because the system overwhelms opponents, could cover on almost every night where they play.

It’s important for professional online bookie agents to understand that NBA betting is much different than NFL betting. There are times when teams take a night off just to rest up for an important game down the road. Unless you want to risk it, use your layoff account in NBA games.

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