The 2017-2018 College Basketball Season started on Friday, Nov. 10. From now until the end of March, online bookie agents should see plenty of action on college hoops games. It’s important to know how to be successful as an agent when accepting college hoops bets. Check out our College Basketball Online Bookie Success Guide.

2017-2018 College Basketball Future Odds

Duke                                       5/1

Michigan State                        11/2

Arizona                                   8/1

Kentucky                                 10/1

North Carolina                        12/1

Kansas                                     14/1

Wichita State                          16/1

Missouri                                  16/1

Louisville                                20/1

It’s always important in any success guide to start with future betting. Future betting happens early. Some bettors play futures later in the season. Most of the time they play futures early in the season. Often, those are the best odds possible. For example, the Philadelphia Eagles are now at 4 to 1 to win Super Bowl 52. Philly started the NFL Season at 40 to 1.

The odds on all teams above could change dramatically. They should change most for Arizona, Wichita State, and Kansas. It’s important that pay per head agents institute max betting limits for all College Basketball National Championship future propositions. Use the line mover to lower odds on Wichita State, Kansas, and Arizona.

How to Manage College Hoops Moneyline Betting

The best way to manage moneyline betting on college hoops games is to do two things:

  1. Set max betting limits on all college hoops moneyline wagers. Make sure to set a max betting limit that you, the pay per head agent, are comfortable with.
  2. Disallow some games from being a part of any parlays. This takes some handicapping on the part of agents. It’s worth it. Many players, casual and pro, might go dumpster diving to add value to existing parlays. Don’t let that happen to you.

How to Manage College Hoops Spread Betting

Against the spread betting is the most popular college hoops wager. When accepting against the spread betting wagers, agents should pay attention to the following tools:

Schedule limit override – Set overrides to encourage action on other college basketball games.

Layoff account – Utilize the layoff account to lay off spreads that have attracted too much action.

Line mover – Use the line mover to adjust betting lines. Always adjust betting lines either a half a point up, or a half a point down. Never leave a spread on a whole number.

Per head agents can only access the line mover through the Premium Package. Luckily for agents, Bettors Net is offering a 14-day free trial for access to the Premium Package. Interested online bookie agents should call a rep at 888-978-0688.