College Football Season is over. The NFL Regular Season is over. What’s out there for master agent online bookies to promote? Basketball, of course! Both the NBA and college hoops are about to rev up their seasons. See below for 5 top promotional ideas to increase basketball betting.

Top 5 Promotional Ideas to Increase Basketball Betting

Each basketball betting promotional idea listed below is meant to be experimented with. What I mean is that per head agents should look to brand their promotional ideas. Branding creates customer loyalty.

  1. Promote Basketball Parlays at Higher Odds

This might be the most successful way for master agents to encourage basketball betting. The best way to do this is to promote specific basketball parlays while offering higher odds on those promoted parlays. Master agents should choose the hardest to hit basketball games of the day. Then, they offer higher parlay odds on the promoted hoops parlay.

  1. Set-up a Season Long NBA Betting Contest

This is a fun one. All agents must do is set up a season long NBA betting contest. Tying the NBA betting contest to a minimum amount of NBA games wagered could lead to massive profit. The key is for per head agents to set up a betting contest that pays for itself and that also leaves plenty of potential profit.

  1. Study Player Activity Reports – Deliver Targeted Messages

By studying player activity reports, master agents will discover which of their players are most likely to bet on basketball. Not only that, they might also discover player betting trends. Maybe, a master agent’s top basketball betting player prefers to lay money onto the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors.

With this knowledge, agents can then deliver targeted messages when that player’s favorite hoops team hits the hardcourt.

  1. Promote Higher Odds Cross-Sports Parlays

This is comparable to #1 on this list. Promoting cross-sports parlays attached to wagering credits should lead to fantastic action. All cross-sports parlays should include at least 1 to 2 NBA and college hoops games. Throwing in an NHL money line game should lead to more player parlay losses than wins. It’s also important to attach a minimum bet on the parlay. The minimum bet should be no less than $15.

  1. Send a Weekly Basketball Betting Guide

Providing great customer service goes a long way in promoting action. Sometimes, promoting basketball betting is as easy as providing great customer service. By sending out a weekly basketball betting guide, online bookie master agents can ensure that their players are aware of the biggest basketball games that week. This should lead to more basketball betting action.

Again, master agents should experiment with all 5-basketball betting promotional ideas listed here. Don’t forget that master agents get a 5% rebate on all initial Ethereum or Bitcoin deposits. Bettors Net is also offering its Premium Plan for $6.50 per head. That’s 50% off.

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