This week March Madness moves on to the Sweet 16 and the Elite 8. This Thursday and Friday are 8 college basketball games. There are 4 college hoops games this weekend. By Sunday afternoon, we’ll know all 4 college hoops squads in the 2017 Final Four.

What it means for pay per head agents is that action figures to come fast. Utilizing the 3 tools below will help bookmakers manage March Madness action.

Settle Alert

The action that comes this week is after the action that online bookie agents received on Round 1 and Round 2 March Madness games. Agents should check to see if they need to create any settle alerts for their players.

Settle alerts ping agents when it’s time to either payout or to collect. Do agents need to collect before the Elite 8 or Final Four is set? Do agents need to pay out before those games are set? The settle alert tool ensures stability for the agent/player relationship.

Although your players might scoff at creating settle alerts, as a business owner, it’s your duty to do so. Settle alerts also protect players. Many players don’t keep good records. It’s an agent’s job to make sure that their clients, their players, don’t get in too deep.

Max Betting Limits

All agents should set max betting limits on March Madness futures. As the NCAA Tournament wears on, action on March Madness futures should get crazier. North Carolina and Kansas, before Sweet 16 games are played, are at 4 to 1. Arizona is at 5 to 1. Gonzaga is at 5.5 to 1 while UCLA is at 6.1.

The odds on all those teams are good enough to entice action. But, here’s the thing, without max betting limits on all the teams, agents could get into a lot of trouble. 5 to 1 at $100 pays $500. What if no max betting limits allows a player to put $1,000 onto Arizona? That’s a $5,000 hit if AZ wins the Final Four. A lot of agents might find it difficult to pay out $5,000 on one wager.

Live Wagering

Agents should turn on live wagering for all March Madness games. This doesn’t mean that they keep live wagering on the board. What it means is that they accept live wager action on March Madness games until they reach their specific action comfort level.

Live wagering could double, even triple, profits during March Madness.

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