Per Head Services is the Best Option for the Newbie Agent

A Pay per Head solution is a very unique possibility to grow your business and take it to next level. This service offers several per head package options to choose from; these packages have basic services for the new agents who are starting in the per head industry for as low as $5 per head.

At® Price per Head we also offer other options with more advance services such as: the Elite package which personalized depending on what the sports betting players require in matters of technology, security, confidentiality, and software. Lastly, our premium offer is the Unlimited package which has everything a bookie needs to be successful online within days. Be sure to check out our package pricing here.

As the gambling industry expands in areas related to technology advantages, connectivity, customer support, sports offering, data tracking and other aspects. The price per head offering has become the best option to many new agents and their betting shops.® Price per Head services is the industry pioneer with sophisticated offices located in the beautiful city of San José in Costa Rica. Our Price per Head solution offers easy 24/7 online access (mobile access included), sophisticated call center facilities, user friendly websites, multilingual customer support staff, top players management and the best betting lines in the market.

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