There are 8 NFL Teams that are 2-0 ATS going into Week 3 of the NFL Regular Season. Utilizing per head tools is a good way for bookmakers to manage football betting.


8 NFL Teams That Are 2-0 ATS



Baltimore Ravens:  2-0 ATS


The Ravens have covered the spread in 2 games mainly because they’ve faced low spreads. Baltimore was a -3 home favorite against Buffalo in Week 1. They beat Buffalo 13 to 7. They were a -4 road favorite over Cleveland in Week 2. They took down the Browns 25 to 20. Although Vegas odds makers should start adjusting spreads on Baltimore games, online bookies should consider adjusting spreads on Baltimore games on their own if they start seeing major bets on the Ravens to cover the spread.


Denver Broncos:  2-0 ATS


Spreads on Denver games look perfectly okay from what I see. They’re a +3 dog versus the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 3. That’s about where Denver should be considering that it’s a home game. Odds adjustments should be in place naturally with casual players betting on the Broncos when they’re favorites and against them when they’re underdogs.


Houston Texans:  2-0 ATS


Houston is a different story altogether. They are 2-0 based on their defense. Unless QB Brock Osweiler and RB Lamar Miller start playing better, Houston is always going to be a team that casual players shy away from when Houston takes on a more popular team. A great example of that is in Week 3 where the betting line has gone from Houston -2.5 to Houston pk even though New England, Houston’s Week 3 opponent, is down to their third string QB.


Minnesota Vikings:  2-0 ATS


The Vikings are finding it hard to earn respect even though they’ve gone 2-0 ATS. They are +7 dogs versus Carolina on the road this Sunday in Week 3. What per head football betting agents should do is make sure max bet amounts on Vikings moneyline wagers are in place when they’re underdogs.


New England Patriots:  2-0 ATS


The Patriots are going to be ATS darlings for non-pro betting players once QB Tom Brady returns from his suspension. That’s in Week 5. Online bookies don’t need to worry. Las Vegas has had a bead on Patriots’ betting lines for years. They know how much the public loves New England.


Philadelphia Eagles:  2-0 ATS


Like the Vikings, the Eagles are finding it hard to garner any respect. Las Vegas odds adjustments on betting lines probably won’t occur for a while. PPH agents may have to adjust those lines, both ATS and moneylines, on their own if they notice their players taking advantage of the public’s lack of respect on Philly.


Pittsburgh Steelers: 2-0 ATS


The Steelers are a popular team in all forms of wagering. Pittsburgh should garner both bets ATS and on the moneyline from the public. Pro bettors will adjust the lines so that they are fair. If bookies see gigantic wagers for or against the Steelers, they might have to lay off those Pittsburgh wagers.


San Diego Chargers: 2-0 ATS


The public hates the Chargers. How else does one explain the fact that San Diego, at 1-1 straight up and 2-0 ATS, is a +2.5 road dog against Indianapolis? That’s actually a good sign for pay per head agents who have a lot of casual, public, players in their books. It’s probably not a good sign if there are a lot of pro football betting players in their books. Setting max betting limits on the Bolts when they’re underdogs sounds like a good plan.