Training camps for NFL teams started this week. The NFL Preseason starts in early August. If you, the pay per head agent, haven’t signed up for the Bettors Net Premium Package, you had better consider doing so soon. Below, I’ve written reasons why the Premium Package is a must for any serious agents.

Agents Need the Premium Package

To be a successful per head agent, you must keep up with what’s going on in the industry. In this blog, I often write about how important mobile betting, and live betting are. You can add promotions to that. What I mean by promotions is that there is a plethora of online sportsbooks, and fellow PPH agents that your clients can skip off too.

It’s necessary for you to acquire every tool that’s going to help you stay ahead. Many of those tools can be found in Bettors Net’s Premium Package.

The Bettors Net Premium Package

BN’s Premium Package offers the following: a line mover, ways to manage live betting, additional reports for live betting, injury information, scores from Don Best, time change info, and TV listings.

That’s not bad for only $5 per head. $5 is 50% off the usual price for the Premium Package.

Using the Premium Package to Increase Action

See below for 3 ways the Premium Package can help agents increase or manage action during the NFL Season.

Line mover – It’s not just enough to increase action. Online bookie agents must also manage current action. The line mover can help agents determine the best course of action after a line has moved. Should you access their layoff account? Should you set a schedule limit override? Making actionable decisions based on line movements can lead to more revenue.

Manage limits for Live Betting – I’ve capitalized Live Betting for a reason. The National Football League is the most bet upon sports league in North America. More wagers are placed on NFL games than NBA and MLB games combined. Live betting NFL games has become the norm for many casual players and pro players. It’s important that you can manage limits on live bets.

TV Listings – I love TV listings. I’m a huge believer in targeted promotions around live events. Everybody watches the NFL. TV listings are a great way to determine what marketing messages you wish to convey to your clients.

50% off, $5 per head, for the Premium Package is a big deal. Per head agents can chat online with a Bettors Net rep.  They can also call 888-978-0688.