Live Betting has become a significant source of online sportsbook revenue for more than one pay per head agent. Some agents require live betting revenue to turn a profit. This is especially true during the NFL where betting interest is high.

With live betting comes some serious questions. One of those serious questions is whether agents should offer live betting on every NFL game. See below for an answer to the question.

NFL Live Betting:  PPH Gold or PPH Fool’s Gold?

At first glance, betting NFL games live from the bettors’ point-of-view makes sense. After all, it’s much easier to predict what might happen in an NFL game after the game has been played for some time then predicting what will happen in an NFL game before it’s played.

Because live betting has such a fantastic reputation with sports bettors, per head agents might believe it’s not in their best interests to offer live betting on games. This is especially true when it comes to NFL football. The reason is because more information is available on NFL football games than on any other game in any other sport’s league.

Although that’s true, the advantages to offering live betting on NFL games far outweighs the disadvantages. Check out some of those advantages:

  1. The house (your) advantage is usually at least 15%
  2. ATS lines adjust based on what happens in the games
  3. Bettors push winning bets, or make saver bets. This leads to more action.

Offering live betting on NFL games should mostly lead to per head agent gold. There are times when per head agent fool’s gold comes from live betting on NFL games. This often happens when NFL game live betting experts are involved.

How to Spot an NFL Live Betting Expert

It’s easy to spot an NFL live betting expert because you don’t have to. Companies like Bettors Net offers tools that allow pay per head agents to prevent any NFL live betting expert from taking advantage by betting NFL game live.

The most obvious is to use the mass editing tool to set max betting limits on all NFL live betting. It doesn’t matter the game. By setting max betting limits, agents can assure that those who wish to push, or wish to make saver bets, can do so. Agents can also make sure any NFL live betting experts that wish to make a lot of money on a single bet can’t.

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