NFL Training Camps started this month. The very first NFL Pre-season game of the year, the annual NFL Hall of Fame Game, takes place on Thursday, August 3. Before online bookie agents know it, every single one of their clients is going to be hammering NFL games.

Before that happens, it’s a good idea for agents to do some house-cleaning. By that, I mean that agents should get organized before the 2017-2018 NFL Season kicks it up a notch. See below for what you should do today to prepare for the NFL Betting Season.

Create Settle Alerts Before First NFL Game of the Season

The NFL Betting Season provides more action to almost every online sportsbook and pay per head agent in the United States than any of the other big-time sports leagues seasons combined. That’s the power of the NFL.

Before Week 1 starts, it’s imperative that you have pre-settles in place. The Bettors Net pre-settle alert tool provides agents with a reminder that they must collect, or payout, before the actual settle limit is reached.

Pre-settles are a valuable tool for pay per head agents to ensure action during the NFL Betting Season. Think about it this way, if a great client is waiting for a payout, that client is likely to wait for the payout before placing wagers in your sportsbook.

You want to payout those clients before the first NFL Regular Season Game between New England and Kansas City on Sept. 7. You also want to collect before the Pats battle the Chiefs on Sept. 7.

If bettors haven’t settled with you before the first NFL Regular Season game, they either won’t be able to bet as much as they’d like, or they won’t bet at all. That’s the power of the pre-settle alert.

Lower Limits Until Bettors Have Paid You

We’re still in July, which is why you must set pre-settles and start collecting payment right now. If you run into any trouble, lower limits to the pre-settle amount. Let players know that you want them to be at 100% capacity before the first regular season game of the NFL Season.

I can’t stress how important it is that both you and your clients start off the 2017-2018 NFL Regular Season with a clean slate. Nobody should owe anybody any dollars once Sept. 7 comes around. A clean slate for everyone, bettors and per head agents, is a benefit to everyone.

One more thing, make sure to sign up for the 50% off Premium Package promo that Bettors Net is currently running. You want to have the very best PPH tools at your disposal before the NFL Betting Season starts. Call 888-978-0688 if you don’t wish to chat online.