The NFL rules sports betting. In the United States, more wagers are placed on NFL games than on any other sporting events. The action on the Super Bowl alone is around $6 billion. Pay per head agents might be surprised to learn that a close second is college football.

The U.S. is crazy about college football. NCAAF is big business for both television networks as well as the schools. What it means is that in addition to NFL action this fall, most agents should also receive plenty of action on college football games.

Keep reading for the 3 tools that agents should use to manage college football betting action.

Schedule Limit Overrides

Most action should center around a few games. To promote action on other college football games, per head agents should consider setting schedule limit overrides. In College Football Week 1, the biggest game is 3 Florida State vs 1 Alabama. The game is so huge that it takes place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Although almost all action on any game is great, when action goes one way or another, it can cause issues for online bookie agents. What agents can do is schedule a limit override on FSU vs Bama while promoting a different college football game.

Layoff Account

Let’s say that you’re too late to schedule the limit override in the FSU vs Alabama battle. Let’s also say that in your sportsbook most of the action has gone on Alabama at -7. You’ve taken very little action on the Seminoles to upset the Tide.

In those cases, usually they’re rare, you should use your layoff account to even out the action. Remember that the only real profit you’re guaranteed is the fee it costs to wager on a team to cover the spread.

If Alabama is -7, -110, the only guaranteed profit is the $10 fee for accepting the wager. All PPH agents provide betting services. Use your layoff account sparingly. But, don’t be afraid to use it if there’s a huge difference between action on one side of a spread to another side of a spread.

Line Mover

Agents can only access a line mover by upgrading to Bettors Net’s premium software. A line mover prevents the need to refund bets in spread wagering because with the line mover agents can add half a point to every spread betting line.

There is no way a college football game can end on half a point. Alabama can’t beat Florida State 35.5 to 30. It’s impossible. So, by making sure every spread is a half a point up or down, you can prevent from ever having to refund wagers.

Luckily, Bettors Net is currently running a promotion where you can add its premium software for only $3 per head. Online bookie agents must call a Bettors Net rep at 888-978-0688 for the promotion.