Odds are out for NFL Week 1. Although the first game isn’t until Thursday, Sept. 7, NFL betting is so popular that Vegas sportsbooks claim they’re action on NFL Week 1 games has already started.

Online bookie agents should accept action on NFL Week 1 games. Check out a couple of reasons why.

NFL Week 1 Odds Can Change After NFL Training Camps

NFL Training Camps start in early July. The Hall of Fame Game, the first NFL Preseason game of the year, is in early August. Many things can change for an NFL team during training camp. Team changes lead to odds changes.

The Oakland Raiders are a pick versus the Tennessee Titans in NFL Week 1. The Raiders just signed former Seattle running back great Marshawn Lynch. Lynch could make the Raiders a 1-point favorite. If Lynch plays well during the preseason, though, the Raiders could be up to -5 favorites versus Tennessee in Week 1.

This is important information that your clients want to know. There’s nothing wrong by encouraging action by telling clients this simple truth:  the odds-on Oakland versus Tennessee will dramatically change if Marshawn Lynch plays well during the NFL Preseason.

Easy to Promote NFL Week 1

As agents, we’re in a sort of waiting period from now until the Mayweather vs McGregor fight on August 26. The 2017-2018 College Football Season also starts on August 26.

What can pay per head agents promote from now until then? Major League Baseball is one of those sports that some players love to bet while others hate to bet. Action on MLB games can be up or down. It depends on what an agent’s specific clients prefer to bet.

Football bettors might occasionally play a baseball game. Usually, football bettors won’t place action on baseball games unless there’s nothing for them to bet. That’s why you, as a per head agent, should open betting on NFL Week 1 games.

Many players will want to lock into the current odds. Other players might want to get some action down as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter the reason. If you open NFL Week 1 betting, and discuss how odds might change after training camp, many of your players are going to put action on the games.

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