NFL MVP odds haven’t changed that much since Vegas first posted them shortly after Super Bowl 51. The one big change is that Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott, due to his pending 6-game suspension, now offers odds at over 20 to 1 to win NFL MVP.

Every year, the NFL MVP, almost without fail, is a quarterback. This season, Terrific Tom Brady is expected to easily win the award. Brady is at +450. The NFL player from an NFC team most likely to win NFL MVP is Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers’ odds are at 7 to 1.

Any online bookie agents who haven’t received enough action on the NFL MVP prop only need to do a couple of things. Before getting into that, check out the odds on the QB favorites to win this season’s NFL MVP Award.


Tom Brady                  +450

Aaron Rodgers            +700

Derek Carr                  +900

Ben Roethlisberger     +1000

Dak Prescott               +1200

Russell Wilson            +1200

The 6 quarterbacks above are the most likely to win the NFL MVP Award. This makes sense because the 6 quarterbacks above play for teams with the best chances, based on current odds, to win Super Bowl 52.

Those agents that have received plenty of action on NFL MVP must manage the action. Use schedule limit overrides and set max betting limits. For all other agents, the method below should provide plenty of action on the NFL MVP prop.

Promote Each Favorite as a Personality

Tom Brady isn’t just Tom Brady. He’s Terrific Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers is a funny State Farm spokesperson. Big Ben Roethlisberger is the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dak Prescott was a 5th Round pick that started every game for the Dallas Cowboys last season after legendary QB Tony Romo went down to an injury.

All NFL MVP candidates are individuals. Promote their individualism by pointing it out. For example, “Will the winningest Super Bowl QB in history, Terrific Tom Brady, take down this year’s NFL MVP as a +450 favorite?”

Or, “Can Dak Add an NFL MVP Award to his mantle as the Dallas Cowboys next great QB?”

By personalizing NFL MVP candidates in marketing messages, pay per head agents add a bit extra to the promotion. That should garner more action.

Promote Excellent Odds

All candidates, even Brady, are offering odds above 4 to 1. That’s horse racing type odds on the NFL MVP. When the favorite is 4 to 1, it’s easy to attract action because the odds are so much higher than most NFL handicappers are used too.

If a casual or pro player likes Russell Wilson at 12 to 1, think about those odds for a moment. The average against the spread wager is -110. Even a dog in an NFL game rarely offers more than +325 odds to win on the money line. 3.25 to 1 compared to 12 to 1? It’s a no-brainer bet for most players.

Every sports bettor understands odds. All per head agents should promote the odds.

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