Amazon, one of the leading streaming companies in the world, is airing ten NFL Thursday night football games starting on September 28. The company signed the massive deal this spring. Online bookie agents could use Amazon’s deal with the NFL to increase profit. Keep reading to find out how.

Amazon’s Deal With the NFL

Amazon has the right to air ten NFL Thursday night games for $50 million dollars. Twitter got the same deal for only $10 million last season. Why so much for Amazon? The company already has a wealth of customers who utilize their streaming services.

For $99 bucks a year, anyone in the U.S. can sign up for Amazon Prime. Prime members can stream the ten NFL games on Thursday nights for free.

NFL Fans Are Cutting the Cord

Just because Amazon is streaming NFL games, it doesn’t mean that pay per head agents can increase profit, right? Oh, but it does.

One of the biggest trends in today’s media consumption market place is what’s called cutting the cord. Cutting the cord means that instead of accepting media through traditional sources such as cable and satellite companies, many U.S. consumers are receiving their media via streaming sources.

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular streaming sources available.  With a prime subscription, consumers can watch the 10 designated NFL Thursday night games for free.

Amazon NFL Streaming: Perfect for Tech Savvy Players

The key to understand how to utilize Amazon’s deal with the NFL is understanding today’s NFL bettor. Unlike past seasons, today’s NFL bettor is much more tech savvy. For example, those NFL fans that play fantasy sports keep track of stats through apps.

Per head companies also provide cutting edge technology. Mobile betting is all the rage. Live betting on NFL games has become a major deal.

Amazon NFL streamed games are perfectly in line with what current NFL bettors do. Tech savvy players wager through their mobile phones. They don’t have to sit down in front of their computers to make wagers on NFL games. Now, they can watch Thursday night games through their Amazon Prime memberships.

Key marketing messages around NFL Thursday night games streamed by Amazon should suffice. Online bookie agents don’t have to get out of control with it. Just remind players that they can watch Thursday night games through their tablets, phones, or laptops via their Amazon Prime subscriptions. By doing so, bookies can pump up the technology aspect of the entire betting process. That’s a good thing.

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