The 2017-2018 NFL Season officially begins on Sept. 7 when the Kansas City Chiefs battle the New England Patriots. Most pay per head agents should have already seen NFL future action flow into their sportsbooks.

NFL future action can absolutely add great revenue that turns into profit. For many agents, though, the real revenue begins once the NFL Regular Season starts. With so many NFL games to bet, heck, with so many football games to bet, it’s important that per head agents put has many tools and features into their PPH tool bag as possible.

One tool that’s essential to navigating the treacherous waters of NFL betting and college football betting is the Bettors Net line mover.

Football Season Demands a Line Mover

NFL and college football betting is unlike any other type of sports wagering on the planet. You might already know that the worst possible thing that can ever happen on a game, especially on a big time NFL football game, is for the game to end exactly on the number.

Check out an example of a possible spread for a possible NFL game this season.

Oakland          +4

Kansas City     -4

Let’s say Kansas City beats Oakland 24 to 20. The number, 4 points, is exactly what the spread is, 4 points. Under this scenario, pay per head agents must refund all wagers. They can’t take one side of the wager and pay off the other side.

Now, check out this scenario:

Oakland           +3.5

Kansas City     -3.5

If the game between ends Kansas City 24 and Oakland 20, agents can take the money lost on those who bet on Oakland to pay off those who bet on Kansas City. That’s much different than refunding both sides of the above wager.

That’s why the line mover is important. It allows pay per head agents to add, or subtract, the all -important half-a-point. The half-a-point forces a conclusion to the wager. It prevents agents from having to make any refunds at all.

Bettors Net Premium Package Offers the Line Mover

Only the Bettors Net Premium Package offers the line mover. The line mover isn’t a part of BN’s basic per head package. Luckily for agents, Bettors Net is currently offering a $3 per head promo that allows agents to acquire the premium package.

It’s a good deal. To get the package, all online bookie agents must do is call Bettors Net at 888-978-0688. Then, all agents must do is deposit $100. That’s it!