If online bookie agents aren’t promoting NFL prop betting. They should start. NFL prop betting is a great way to add revenue in the months before the season stars. It’s a fantastic way to add profit towards the end of the season.

All NFL prop bets at this stage are NFL future prop bets. That’s why agents can add the bets as revenue right now. It turns to profit later. Check out why NFL prop bets are a must to get the 2017 NFL Season going!

NFL Training Camps Start in July

NFL Training Camps start in less than a month for many teams. Training camp lasts about 3 weeks to a month. NFL Teams have gone through their requested and mandatory mini-camps. Shortly after July, the NFL Preseason starts.

NFL Preseason Follows in August

The NFL Preseason, known as evaluation month, is when teams tighten the screws. By the time NFL Preseason is over, many per head agents know exactly where teams might lie. Sometimes, like the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, a great preseason is followed by a terrible regular season. But in most cases, great preseasons lead to excellent regular seasons.

It’s Good for You, the Online Bookie

Information is scare before the season starts. Once the season starts, info is prevalent. It makes sense for you, as a bookie, to promote NFL prop betting today. You want players to lock into specific odds. Let’s take an example:

Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch Both Lead Teams in Rushing Yards

Yes      +200

No       -260

The odds above imply that both AP and Beast Mode lead the Saints and Raiders in rushing yards. AP goes into the season off a devastating injury. Lynch goes into the season after not playing in 2016. But, both guys are easily the best RB option on their teams. Still, the chances of both going unscathed throughout the NFL Seasons is minimal.

The true odds of both AP and Lynch leading their teams in rushing is probably more like this:

Yes      +220

No       -260

Fair odds, as is often the case in prop betting, are on the side of the pay per head agent. NFL prop bets odds are almost always on the side of the agent. They are inherently in favor of agents’ due to the amount invested.

Once Catch for Online Bookies

The one catch for online bookies is that they must set max betting limits on all prop bets. Although the money aspect of all prop bets favors agents, players do hit prop bets. Someone eventually hits big on most slot machines. That’s the same with prop bets.

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