We’re so close to the 2017-2018 NFL Regular Season that I know every online bookie agent out there is becoming excited. Agents have every right to be excited. No other season provides as many wagering dollars as the NFL betting season.

The NFL Season can make or break more than one bookmaker’s business. It’s important to prepare for the NFL as much as possible.

What Are Player Reports?

One of the best ways to prepare for the upcoming NFL Regular Season is by studying past player reports. Player reports provide a breakdown of player activity. Player reports from last year’s NFL months can show important information that could help per head agents make marketing decisions as well as forecast the 2017-2018 NFL Season.

Look for NFL Betting Trends in Player Reports

What agents want to do is look for NFL betting trends in player reports. Understand that not all trends are going to be the same. For example, you might find that one player prefers to only wager on NFC teams. Another player might only wager on a specific NFL team.

You should start with pro player reports first. Pro player reports should provide plenty of trends for bookie agents to do some forecasting. From pro players, agents should then look at casual players.

They want to see which casual players provided the most NFL action the season before. Those casual players become priority number one from a customer service point-of-view. Casual player trends can be powerful.

Casual players lose much more than they win. They don’t bet a lot on a single game the way a pro player does. But, casual players do make multiple bets. They also make more parlay and teaser wagers.

If you can find a casual player betting trend, it can be like gold. Let’s say that you find a trend where a casual player always bets on the New England Patriots versus AFC opponents. You can design marketing messages around this information.

Don’t be afraid to use that day’s news to promote wagering. In the example above, what if Tom Brady comes back this specific week after taking a week off due to injury? Let your Patriot betting fans know about it.

Online bookie agents can also forecast with this information. Forecasting is a key element of running a business. It’s important to forecast the best you can for each month in the NFL Season. The best way to acquire forecasting information is to study player activity reports.

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