Is it too early for online bookie agents to worry about NFL Futures? Not at all. The date that I’m writing this is April 3. What it means is that baseball season has started. What it also means is that the NFL Draft is just around the corner while the NFL Free Agency Period, for all intents and purposes, has closed.

NFL future bettors are soon going to bet on the following teams to win the 2018 Super Bowl. Agents will want to manage those wager

Current NFL 2018 Super Bowl Odds

New England              4/1

Dallas                          11/1

Atlanta                        12/1

Green Bay                   12/1

Seattle                         12/1

The latest odds have the Patriots a big favorite over any teams in the NFC. The odds imply that Dallas, Atlanta, Green Bay, or Seattle are the only squads from the NFC that could get to the Super Bowl in 2018.

Depending on where you live as the per head agent, you could see most action on any one of the teams above flowing to your business. It makes sense to manage the action right now before it gets out of control.

Non-Max Betting Limit Example

Let’s say that you don’t set any max betting limits on Super Bowl futures. You let your players bet as much as they’d like on any of the teams above. Or, for that matter, any team in the NFL to win the Super Bowl next year.

What if you provide betting services to a player who loves the Miami Dolphins? This player loves Miami so much that he forks over $500 on the Fins to win the 2018 Super Bowl. He does it this month, in April.

No worries, right? Miami won’t win the Super Bowl!  But, let’s say that Miami does. What’s your payout on that? Miami is 60 to 1. That’s $30,000 on a $500 bet.

Set Max Betting Limits

A max betting limit of around $200 would still equal a huge payout of $12,000. But, paying out $12,000 on a single bet is much better than paying out $30,000. For some agents, even after they pay out $12,000, they might make a profit on Super Bowl futures betting.

The real key with all of this is finding your comfort zone. I’d suggest not accepting more than $500 of action on the Patriots at 4/1. Cut that to no more than $200 in action from any single player on all double-digit teams to win the 2018 Super Bowl.

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