Bettors Net pay per head agents are often more successful than other agents. One of the reasons is because BN provides excellent tools like the settle alert, the schedule limit override, and through their premium package, the line mover.

BN also provides a layoff account. When used properly, the layoff account can be one of the most important tools in an agent’s business management arsenal. Check out 3 ways to use the layoff account, two right ways, and one wrong way.

Leaving Money on the Table

No agent wants to leave money on the table. But, if agents firmly believe that the goal of every sportsbook in the world, including theirs, is to even out wagering on both sides of a spread, they’re wrong.

If that were the case, Vegas would have shut down betting on McGregor vs Mayweather a day before the fight took place. For every wager on Mayweather, there were 9 bets on McGregor. Vegas sportsbooks can claim all they want that they were in fear of losing millions should McGregor have won.

I don’t think so. I believe they specifically accepted the action because they knew Floyd Mayweather had a better than 95% chance of beating McGregor.

When it comes to NFL spread wagers, the key is for online bookie agents to know when to let action ride.

The Giants are +3.5 dogs versus the Dallas Cowboys even though Cowboys’ RB Ezekiel Elliott isn’t likely to play.

If you’re one of those agents who has accepted a ton of dollars on Dallas to cover the spread, you’ve got a decision to make. Do you let the action ride for a huge score if the Giants win ATS? Or, do you play it safe and possibly miss out on a big score by evening out the wagering via your layoff account?

Using Layoff Account as Part of a Strategy

Sometimes, it’s important to use the layoff account as part of a strategy. If a player, casual or pro, is on an NFL ATS hot streak, it’s best not to fight the player’s streak. Just assume that anything the player bets is going to hit.

If you run into an NFL game where the hot-handed player has backed a team, always consider evening out the action if needed. Again, good business strategy requires you to go with the hot-hand, not against it.

Layoff Account is Only Option

This usually occurs in NFL against the spread games where a key injury has occurred. Some football bettors are great at getting ahead of the injury information. They’ve placed wagers on games at old ATS odds, not odds that have been updated due to the injury.

In these NFL ATS situations, it’s a good idea to use the layoff account. Even if you feel it’s okay to let the action ride, business sense requires you to use the layoff account. You want to be consistent on when you use and when you don’t use the layoff account.

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