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Not all of the companies in the pay per head industry offer a great variety of sports betting, including Casino and Poker at no extra cost.® Price per head offers the greatest variety in sports betting including a Casino with an extensive variety of games and daily tournaments that will keep your players entertained.® Price per head has the most complete variety of services in the per head industry and we work hard to give agents and players a great quality on services and the latest in features that they can take advantage of. Options are available for both bookmakers and players and we can guarantee that both will be happy with the services and features that we offer.

Casino is a great feature that not all of the sports betting companies offer to all of their agents and players; this Casino is one of the best in the industry with a great variety of games that your players can enjoy at no extra cost. The Casino is offered 24/7 365 days and can be accessed at any moment and all they if they want to.

Bookies can take advantage of our 3 set-in-advance profiles that they can choose from for their players. Each of the profiles have different limits and features that will help agents to select the best for each of the players and have full control of what they do, limits that they will have per day and how many games they will be able to play.

This will help you to make the best from each of the bets they do, have more profitability and will keep your players coming, making your business grow faster than what you expected.

Live Casino dealer has been one of the latest features in the online casino offering at® Price per head which is a very attractive feature nowadays and players really like to take advantage of it. We also offer the mini blackjack casino entertainment on every single page available to the players while they access their betting accounts.

With our mobile betting platform, agents and players will be able to access the Casino from anywhere they are from any mobile device, contact us now for more information!


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