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BettorsNet.com® Pay per Hed offers a complete


There is no doubt, when bookmakers team up with our group of gambling experts at BettorsNet.com®, the advantages become limitless with the Ultimate package.

We at BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head know that giving the ultimate option to our bookmakers is the best way to ensure the best quality service, a highly secure betting environment and our bookmakers’ loyalty.

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The Ultimate Pay per Head package platform has been developed in order to offer a la carte online solution for the professional bookmaker who requires a solid, reliable and cost-effective option. Our bookmakers will inform us what is needed in your pay per head business and we will make it a reality. This is how BettorsNet.com® differentiates from from the other pay per head competitors.

For example:

  • if our bookmakers require a Don Best steam report, we will provide it
  • if our bookmakers need a live bet ticker, we will add it to your business for better player engagement
  • if our bookmakers look for player’s management services we will make sure to include it in the overall package option
  • if our bookmakers would like to have a customized weekly figures report for better administrative control, we will build it

All BettorsNet.com® bookmakers receive exceptional services in which they will have full Hosting redundancy, the latest in bookie Software (DGS or ASI), a state-of- the-art Ccontact Center with excellent customer service and technical support. Take advantage of this new package today!

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