At BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head online bookmaking services we offer the most professional and reliable outsourcing betting business solution for bookmakers who are looking to migrate their betting players to a solid pay per head provider.

Our team of managers and gaming experts work very hard to guarantee our pay per head solution is the best in the industry and our bookmakers will have all the online tools to offer their players the most extensive sports offering, sharp betting lines, full account access from their mobile devices and top security around the clock.

We at BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head offshore services would like to offer some professional tips to bookmakers that have not make up their minds about joining a pay per head solution or are still looking for a new service provider; here is a list of 10 business tips to take into account:

Background review: it is very important to check your pay per head provider background history in order to avoid an unpleasant experience

Customer Support: when choosing your pay per head service make sure your players will have 24/7/365 access to get in touch with customer support to solve any issue or inquiry

Sports offering: the more betting choices you offer your players the better opportunity a bookmaker will have to increase their revenue and grow his business

Solid Connectivity: this should be priority at all times, as both the bookmakers and their players need to access their accounts at all times so there is no room for download delays or related issues

Betting lines: when your players are provided with good betting lines they become more interested in betting and spend more money, so it is key to have sharp line mover

Dedicated toll free phone lines: having an exclusive line for your players to call in and place their bets, ask for information or solve an issue is a major advantage, as the players feel more in touch with the pay per head service

In-game live action: this is a great feature your pay per head provider should offer as it increases the changes to have a higher revenue on the daily betting activities

Mobile betting platform: being able to access your account and place bets directly from a mobile device is a “must have” and it should be an added feature to your service

Top technology: a pay per head provider needs to use only the best and most advanced technology in order to guarantee the best betting experience

Security & Confidentiality: all the data that is processed on a daily basis and all betting transactions should take place in highly secure and confidential environments

Make sure to take these tips into account when selecting your pay per head service provider. BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head online solution contact center is located in Costa Rica a great place for business outsourcing and technical infraestructure. We have been leaders in the pay per head industry for over two decades as we guarantee an easy, cost-effective and user-friendly bookmaking service to bookmakers and their customers.

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