Super Bowl 52 takes place Sunday, Feb. 4. That’s in about 3 weeks from now. If master agent online bookies haven’t signed up for the $6.50 per head promo, they had better do it soon. Keep reading for tools and features that come along with the promo. Also, find out why the tools and features via the promo are a must.

Tools and Features with Online Bookie Promo

The $6.50 per head online bookie promo provides tools and features that aren’t available in the regular PPH Plan.

Line Mover – Change lines so that they’re most effective for your book, not for Vegas sportsbooks.

Additional Reports for Live Betting – Gain as much live betting information as possible so that you can make live betting management decisions.

Injury Information – Find out who is injured and who isn’t in the biggest sporting events of the week.

Why are Promo Tools and Features a Super Bowl 52 Must?

Any serious pay per head agent knows that the most important betting event of the year is the Super Bowl. Super Bowl betting accounts for at least $6 billion dollars of action each year. The $6 billion number is much higher when action like what your book attracts is added. The $6 billion number is action from known sportsbooks like the MGM Grand and William-Hill.

It’s important that agents acquire as many tools and features of tools that they can to manage Super Bowl betting action. That’s the real reason for online bookie agents to sign up with Bettors Net’s Premium Plan. Below are some other reasons.

Agents should expect tons of live betting action during Super Bowl 52 – Per head agents should definitely expect a lot of live betting to happen during Super Bowl 52. Those sports bettors that didn’t make a profit during the NFL Regular Season are likely to chase. Casual bettors, because they’re most likely to be at a bar with friends watching the game, no doubt will bet on live propositions.

Gathering as much information on live betting as possible is important to correctly manage Super Bowl 52 live betting action. Additional live betting reports, the ones that could take you to the next level, are only available through BN’s Premium Plan.

Use injury information to find out if you must change Super Bowl 52 betting lines – Injury information helps agents determine if they must change betting lines. Without injury information for Super Bowl 52, it could be impossible to correctly change betting lines.

Use the line mover if you must – It’s important that online bookies use the line mover. Check injury information first. Then, change the lines on Super Bowl 52. Always remember to change lines that makes your sportsbook more profitable.

Super Bowl 52 is around the corner. Pay per head agents must sign up for Bettors Net’s $10 per head promo. By doing so, they will obtain the best tools available to manage Super Bowl 52 betting. Call a Bettors Net rep at 888-978-0688 with questions.