We are just 32 days away from the 2013 March Madness college basketball tournament kick off and most basketball betting fans are already living the action this championship brings. The tournament lasts three consecutive weeks between the months of March and April.

As many will say, when it comes to basketball there is nothing like March Madness or the Big Dance as it is also known. The tournament has been played since 1939 and for 75 years college basketball fans have just had a great time watching their favorite teams battling for the trophy.

This year’s tournament will be played from March 19th to April 8th and the finals’ venue will be the Georgina Dome in Atlanta.

Some of the predictions position Kansas State which is heading for a No. 5 seed at the top of the list, while there are still some Cinderella teams that continue to unveil their skills and move forward towards securing a spot in the championship.

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