The semifinals are taking place this week, and each of the four teams are hoping to do their best and move to the NBA finals. The Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks have the series tied 1-1, while the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat are now 1-0, the Bulls leading the series and waiting to play game 2 on Wednesday to take the leadership.

Game number two for the New York Knicks was held at the Madison Square Garden in New York and gave the victory to the host. The final score was 105-79; that gave the Knicks an easy victory against the Indiana Pacers at home. New York demonstrated through all the game their vantage as they started winning the first quarter 20-29.

Carmelo Anthony scored 32 points and left very clear the superiority against the rivals. While some other players from Indiana did the best they could but it was not enough to give the visitor team a chance to win the game.

Game 1 was a different story, were Indiana had the leadership of the game and ended up winning at the Madison Square Garden. This was a very important victory as it was held up in New York and now they will have to play the next two games in Indianapolis. First one is Sunday and is giving the advantage to the New York Knicks who are now favorites on the NBA betting lines by 5 points.

On the other hand we have the Chicago Bulls leading the series 1-0 as they wait for their second game that will be held at Miami, they are expecting to take the leadership of the series.

LeBron James, who is the favorite for the Miami Heat and was awarded with the MVP trophy before the game, struggle through all of the game as he later said against a great rival. Miami had a week of rest were the main concern was that if this time off will take away the momentum which it look it did.

”I’m not stunned,” James said. ”This is what the playoffs is all about. We’re going against a really good team.”

The Miami Heat keeps on being the favorite on the NBA betting lines by 12 points. The basketball odds are very clear, and they keep giving that advantage to the Heat as Miami is the defending Champion and is looking to win their third consecutive title.

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