As of this evening the first round of the NFL Draft will be televised live on primetime until next April 27th. There is a lot of expectation as the participating NFL teams get ready for their picks.

The Buffalo Bills is one of the teams that has the 9th pick on the second round and has its eyes on Matt Barkley or Ryan Nassib, but they are not the only ones. The Jacksonville Jaguars want to get a grasp on Nassib if they get the chance by trading their players for draft pick numbers.

The New York Jets are in 39th position in the second round behind Arizona Cardinals, Eagles and Jaguars so they might not be lucky enough to pick their future quarterback on time.

On the other hand, Minnesota Vikings could trade down their 2 first-round picks and get a good deal. New England Patriots sit at number 29 and they feel very strong about picking Bill Belichick. And the Atlanta Falcons could move up in the draft and will be looking for the best prospects without a doubt.

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