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…And the NBA night hoops action is back, this evening at the Time Warner Cable Arena the Eastern Conference will have its share of entertainment as the Charlotte Hornets welcome the Miami Heat.

The Hornets are in a tight position after three consecutive losses to the Grizzlies, the Knicks and the Pelicans, so winning this evening will be a great step to get back on track.

Charlotte comes home to face the Miami Heat on Wednesday at 1-3. Part of the problem is the density of the schedule – the Hornets play 18 games over the first 32 days of the season. They leave Saturday on a four-game West Coast trip. That means there are seldom opportunities to practice on a team badly in need of fine-tuning. source:

Here are a couple of videos on the Hornets´latest basketball action 

Here´s another Hornets´basketball video

The most recent odds on the Heat vs Hornets game stand at:

Miami Heat   +2.5  190 o -108

Charlotte Hornets   -2.5  190 u -102

Cleveland Cavaliers 2014

Cleveland Cavaliers 2014

source: NBA

Furthermore, this evening we will witness a pretty exciting clash between the Cleveland Cavaliers @ Utah Jazz at the EnergySolutions Arena. Lebron James and the Cavaliers arrive in Utah pursuing a win in order to shape up their overall record and deliver better performances to their fans.

The Cavaliers had a great season starter with three consecutive wins, but on their fourth game things changed dramatically as the team has lost 4 games to the Mavericks, Grizzlies, Knicks and the Blazers.

If you are interested in doing some NBA betting on this game, make sure to check out the following betting odds as per® Pay per Head :

Cleveland Cavaliers   -7.5   206.5  o -105

Utah Jazz   +7.5  206-5  u -105

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